GUTS Installatietechniek

GUTS Installatietechniek Eindhoven specializes in: Building Services Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Fire Safety and Service & Maintenance. GUTS Installatietechniek needs to be able to act fast and be flexible in an environment where results count.

At a glance

  • Service industry specializing in maintenance and turn-key deliveries
  • Efficient deployment of personnel: through insight in real time on the location of its people
  • Continuous up-to-date status available throughout the phases of the assignment/project
  • Objective information about the time worked, spent on assignments and projects
  • Objective information about time travelled between home and work and an automatic calculation of the travel time to be compensated
  • Direct processing of these hours in the ACTO (iUva) time sheets

GUTS improves return field employees through Fleet Complete solution

GUTS Installatietechniek Eindhoven specializes in: Building Services Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Fire Safety and Service & Maintenance. GUTS Installatietechniek needs to be able to act fast and be flexible in an environment where results count. GUTS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks per year for their (potential) customers throughout Europe. With this formula, GUTS has earned it’s place in the demanding world of retail with its image of quality, flexibility and availability.

For its project and service administration GUTS utilizes a completely integrated ACTO solution. Integrated in that it integrates the processes of pre-calculation, quotation, execution and the processes resulting from that for payroll, subsequent calculation and invoicing. GUTS understands that the quality of these systems depends to a very high extent on the quality of the data that is entered into these systems. Additionally GUTS wanted to achieve this quality with lower overhead. The question was: how to achieve more quality with lower overhead.

GUTS mini van

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One central, integrated service/project planning system, based on the thought that one overall planning solution creates the transparency in the organization that is necessary to deploy all employees during their full availability with a minimum of “empty hours”.

An automatic, real time (and therefore objective) record of travel time and working hours per employee per (service) order and project. Automatic in this case means that the executing (field) employees do not have any administrative tasks or responsibility. All times are registered automatically, linked automatically to projects or service assignments and validated automatically as travel time, working hours or private time.

An always up-to-date subsequent calculation per project. That subsequent calculation per project especially had to be given a completely different character. Subsequent calculation sounds like static knowledge in hindsight. GUTS wanted to move to a methodology that compares the project hours worked in real time with the planned project hours in relationship to the progress made in that project. Thus being able to predictively inform about the expected deployment time on a project, and the resulting upward or downward cost adjustment.

The solution

Fleet Complete implemented its combined project and service order planning solution.

GUTS now has a central and continuous insight into the deployment of all employees. Adjustments can easily be made between departments, employees and assignments. The planner can see in a one second glance where assignments have been completed and which employees are available. Additionally, he is informed automatically if assignments exceed the allocated time. The complete calm with which the planner constantly makes adjustments in his planning, continuously aware of the necessity to keep employees at work and out of their vehicles as much as possible, is fascinating. Just as fascinating is seeing how planner and mechanic achieve their goals in smooth harmony; satisfied customers, perfectly organized cooperation between parties involved and a sharp increase in productivity at a decrease in overheads.

By integrating ERP, planning, digital real-time registration of the execution, it is not just insightful where employees are located, with the accompanying planning advantages. The administrative processing of the deployment time, to subsequent calculation, to payroll, to invoicing and compensation requires far less deployment time.

Guts device

Track your vehicles


  • The MGS10 is mounted in your car
  • Using the GPS coordinates (GPS tracking) distance, speed and current location will be determined in real-time.
  • The MGS10, combined with driver identification forms an ideal tool to simplify administration and optimize business operations.
Screenshow of Guts dashboard map

Insight into your field employees using this online realtime reporting tool


  • FieldDesk is the central real-time and online database part of all Fleet Complete software modules.
    From the MGS10 / Time Tracker app / FieldMobile app all information will be sent digitally to FieldDesk and transformed into clear, transparent reports for management and administration.
Time Tracker time allocation chart

The automatic planning of project and service orders


DeskPlan, the automatic planning of project and service orders. Perfect management through realtime comparison of planning and achievement.

Time Tracker days uploads report on mobile

Automatic registration of worked hours

Time Tracker

Simply: the time clock, reinvented. Time Tracker app is the most advanced concept for recording travel time and working hours. Especially for businesses with mobile employees. From departure to coming home the activities are recorded, split over specific projects. Fully automatic and accurate down to the minute.

Screenshot of guts works report

Complete management over vehicles and employees


With the Management module you have one overview for the complete management of your vehicles and employees. You can divide both vehicles and employees into groups. By making this differentiation you can request clear reports in FieldLog per vehicle, vehicle group and employees. you determine what events you would like to see displayed in the reports and what FieldDesk users are authorized to see these events.

The Result

The solution brought a lot more transparency to the company as well as focus on production, efficiency and on the customer. A fast, automatic and objective time process for assignment per project per employee by day. Which also makes available the travel time to be compensated and the net working hours. It also results in a further strengthened image with the customer. After all, GUTS is not just fast, knowledgeable and flexible but also able to inform accurately and reliably. Whether it concerns the expected arrival time of an employee or increased cost in case of a contracted assignment, the information provided is accurate.

Fleet Complete Awards

  • Branham 300.
  • Profit Hot 50.
  • Profit 500.
  • Profit 200.
  • Profit 100.
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50.