We're social. We're smart. We're passionate.

At Fleet Complete, we are a strong team of passionate people, committed to innovation. As we continue to grow, we are looking to hire high-performing talent to our core.

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    Employee Quote

    "Being part of the Fleet Complete team has given me an opportunity to work with very dynamic and intelligent people, to collaborate on exciting projects with such big partners as TELUS and AT&T, and to expand my professional horizon within the marketing field. Fleet Complete offers a variety of rewarding experiences, which help me mature in both my professional and personal lives."

    Katerina Gavrikova , Marketing

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    Collaborative and productive environment

    Casual and open communication across all levels of the organization promotes engagement and sense of ownership in the workings of our company. This helps us eliminate project roadblocks, increase productivity and see our contribution to the organization, from big to small.

    • Open space

      Our office space has been designed to accommodate over 170 employees, ensuring that every desk in the office has access to direct sunlight.

    • Transparent operations

      All executive offices and boardrooms have glass walls, reaffirming our principle of transparency and open communication within the company.

    • Intelligent working facilities

      As a tech company, we innovate from within, leveraging electronic smartboards, cloud-based business VoIP and 95% paperless operations to stay eco-friendly.

    • Company BBQs

      Summer months bring potluck BBQ events to Fleet Complete, where teams and families get to enjoy the weather, good food and great company.

    • Jogging & cycling clubs

      Keeping healthy is as important to us as sharing moments over potlucks. We motivate each other to walk, jog, run or bike to keep our blood pumping!

    • We give where we live

      No good cause is ever too small for us. Whether we are donating to an international charity or a local school hockey team, we are always honored to support.

    Our internal culture

    Interpersonal relationships inside the office help us be more productive as a company. A designated Social Committee organizes company-wide local events, helping drive forward the dynamic culture of the Fleet Complete team.

    Social Committee

    • Happy Hour

      Every Thursday, we gather around company-provided alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for a social hour, during which we mingle between teams,

    • Running Club

      Keeping healthy is as important to us as having sharing fun moments with our co-workers of food and drinks!

    • Staff dressed up for Halloween.

      Halloween Parade

      We’re dedicated and passionate in everything we do. This includes departmental costume arrangements for our annual Halloween Parade!

    • Birthday Parties

      At Fleet Complete we are a big family! We celebrate each other’s birthdays, bridal showers, promotions, and more!

    • Two employees wearing ugly Xmas jerseys.

      Ugly Sweater Contest

      Holiday season brings lots of cheer to the Fleet Complete family where we gather around holiday potluck, eggnog and ugly sweater parade.

    • Employees at the movies.

      Movie Premiere Outing

      Our COO surprised everyone with a family and friends outing to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens première!

    • Company-wide Outings

      During summer months, Fleet Complete team likes to partake in potluck BBQs, sporting events, and other social outings.