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Fleet Complete – An IoT Solution: 360° data analytics

IoT data analytics

Imagine a situation, where with one look at your screen you can see a live map of all your mobile operatives in the field, the stationary assets in use, and the delivery status of goods. You are then able to adjust routes as new orders come in and dispatch the closest driver to the job;… Read more »

IoT is “the next big thing” | Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete IoT image

What is an IoT solution? IoT, or Internet of Things, is currently in the adoption stage by businesses worldwide, and we are already familiar with the concept. It is what makes our phones ‘smartphones’ and our cars ‘smart cars’. IoT represents the evolution of communication between various connected devices, combining technologies and sophisticated analytics that remove complexities… Read more »

What is the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate?

HoS on mobile with truck and laptop in the back

The Electronic Logging Device is an electronic hardware which, when installed in a commercial motor vehicle, tracks the Hours of Service. The driving hours of commercial drivers will be strictly regulated by the Electronic Logging Devices or ELD Mandate.  The Electronic Logging Devices or ELD mandate, as is commonly referred to, has brought some of the most significant regulatory… Read more »