Resource Tracker

Improve business efficiency, meet changing priorities, and enhance customer service with the Resource Tracker app. You can manage field workload, locate and dispatch workers, track assignments – right from your smartphone.

Driver standing next to van.

Key Features

  • Location Tracking

  • Remote Schedule & Dispatch

  • In-Field Operations Visibility

  • Real-Time Project Status

Know where your remote workers are

With our state-of-the-art IoT platform, you can view location-based information about your remote workforce at any given moment on your mobile phone or tablet. Get instant visibility on who is available on a handheld device and which assets are currently active.

Resource Tracker workers tracking on map - Mobile and Tablet
  • Assign tasks

    Knowing the real-time location of your crew allows you to dispatch tasks according to availability.

  • Track activity status

    A worker can accept tasks without delay and update the dispatcher on activity status in real-time.

  • Distribute workload effectively

    Rejected tasks are flagged with an alert, so that you can immediately transfer them to another resource.

Resource Tracker login
Resource Tracker Activity Status on map
Resource Tracker pending activities

Activity dispatching

Using the Resource Tracker cloud-based application, dispatchers can send activities to mobile workers, based on their geographical position and workload. Workers can accept requests remotely, seeing specific instructions and addresses on their mobile device.

Accommodate changing priorities

With the helicopter view on all in-field activity, you can adapt to fluctuating business agendas and make on-demand decisions by connecting with resources without delay.

Resource Tracker benefits
  • Worker availability

    Workers are able to log in and out of the app to show their availability and see their assigned tasks.

  • Calendar

    View the calendar to customize how you track your resources and assign tasks in advance.

  • Activity Status

    View activities and filter requests by status – Open, Dispatched, Accepted, Rejected, or Completed.

  • Status Alerts

    Rejected jobs or those close to completion are flagged with an alert, so that you can deploy resources accordingly.

Resource Tracker - worker availability chart and map
Resource Tracker calendar
Resource Tracker activity status
Resource Tracker assign activity dashboard

Easy-to-use interface

Have optimal visibility over your team’s workload and pending or in-progress activities with the intuitive controls on the Booking Screen.

Supported devices

The Resource Tracker app is easily downloaded from the iTunes or GooglePlay stores and installed on a device. Resource Tracker runs on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

App compatibility icons
  • Breadcrumb Trail

    Asset activity snapshots over a 24-hour period.

  • Congregation

    Reports multiple assets at the same location simultaneously.

  • Point of Interest (POI)

    A customizable boundary around a place or a location. Stay informed on any aspects of the POI that are important to you.

Resource Tracker breadcrumb trail - Chart and map
Resource Tracker congretation report - Desktop
Resource Tracker POI report - desktop


Get optimal insight into your in-field activities and make well-informed business decisions based on accurate data.